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For 7 years, the slip and fall legal team at McKey Law Firm has helped individuals and families work through numerous slip and fall claims. We represent clients in the Grapevine area going through slip and fall cases due to any number of sources. 

Quickly returned phone calls, prompt updates, and vested knowledge of our clients’ interests and goals are just some of the things we value here at McKey Law Firm. We work hard to ensure both constant open communication with you and updated details necessary to your slip and fall case. With our 7 years of experience in the Grapevine area, we know how to handle the local courts and provide you with a greater chance of proper compensation.

At McKey Law Firm, we are determined to earn our Grapevine area clients the compensation to which they are entitled in their slip and fall claim. To convince the court of what you are entitled, we study every aspect of your case and ensure each detail is recognized. We know that your slip and fall matter can completely halt your life, and we want you to receive the compensation necessary to move on. 

Do not hesitate to enlist our help at McKey Law Firm!

slip and fall problems are not your fault, and you deserve proper representation in the Grapevine area courts. Trust our 7 years of practice, and call today.

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