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Facing your slip and fall case on your own is a common and unfortunate mistake. Individuals who choose not to seek out legal help in their slip and fall claim have a significantly higher chance of losing their case in the Frisco area courts and risking their chance for rightful compensation. The legal team of McKey Law Firm has 7 years of experience helping clients with these cases, and we want you to work with us to find success. 

We will handle your slip and fall case in the Frisco area with the care and attention you deserve. The professionals of McKey Law Firm will use their 7 years of experience to ensure that your case goes as smoothly as possible. Trust our firm to bring you the results you need in your slip and fall case. We give each unique case our full attention, making sure our firm is fully equipped with the important details of your slip and fall case to help you as much as possible. 

If you have suffered from the negligence of another, an official slip and fall claim will likely be the only way to get compensation towards paying your bills. At McKey Law Firm, we have helped countless clients in the Frisco area not have to worry about financial turmoil after suffering an injury.

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Do not let others’ mistakes drastically affect your life in the Frisco area. With 7 years of practice, our lawyers want nothing but to see justice served.

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