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For 7 years, the property damage legal team at McKey Law Firm has helped individuals and families work through numerous property damage claims. We represent clients in the Fort Worth area going through property damage cases due to any number of sources. 

Whether presenting evidence of fault, defending your claim, or any other form of support for your property damage case, McKey Law Firm can help you prepare a solid defense. For clients in the Fort Worth area, we can help get you the justice you deserve so you can pay off unexpected accompanying medical bills. 

At McKey Law Firm, we know that insurance companies can be uncooperative in following a victim’s property damage claim. They work with prosecutors of the Fort Worth area to either work a case down or merely throw it out. At McKey Law Firm, we work diligently, relying on our 7 years of experience to bring proper and just representation in your property damage case.

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